We put the hit in shit

Shit is getting real

KAK market

2023-11-25, starting at 1pm

Come by and rummage through our treasures. No matter if it’s art stuff, secondhand clothes, books or junk -everyone will find something here.

And if not, then at least you’ll get some delicious mulled wine while having a nice chat.

Shit we’ve done

KAK hosts a SEHR ERNSTE reading

2023-10-12, starting at 7:30pm

Kommt am 12.10. für fancy Texte von Sina Ahlers, Lea Menges und Fred Heinemann in fancy Räumen mit neuen Kontexten, nehmt fancy friends, (chosen) family, hunde, dates oder andere +1 mit, wir freuen uns auf euch!

KAK flash day

2023-05-28, starting at 1pm

KAK is hosting a tattoo event. Get your skin inked with flashes by our KAK residents @crackhouse_tattoo@needleunderyourskin@okadosa.tattoo and our special guest @sweet.chola.ink.

KAK exhibition

from 2023-02-24 til 2023-02-26

Vernissage: 2023-02-24, starting at 6pm

Join us for a visual feast as we showcase the works of two talented artists! Hannes is serving up a platter of illustrations with a dash of dot work, while Kerstin is dishing out a sculpture and media art extravaganza. Don’t miss the chance to feast your eyes on this artistic banquet.

KAK schön – a pop up event

2022-11-11, starting at 3pm

The KAK atelier turns into a spa. Get your hair transformed by @scissorzwizard, your skin inked by crackhouse tattoo, your nails polished by sehr extra basic and your mind renewed while having a drink and a chat with us.

Shit we share

Are you looking for a place to rent? We have a free space left.

Have a look and drop us a line. We are looking forward to meeting you.